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How Self-Reliance Makes America Strong

Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on May 21, 2022

As a Veteran-owned company, it's no wonder we value self-reliance, a core military operational requirement. In the Armed Forces, each soldier is responsible for accomplishing their assignment or mission and each unit is reliant upon each soldier knowing their role and how to perform their duties.

A team of self-reliant individuals is the most vigorous. Just as a country of self-reliant citizens is the strongest it can be. We must clarify that self-reliance is limited in that we rely on God for all things, but insofar as we are accountable, we must accept our responsibility.

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God has given us each talent and ability that we are called upon to use in the service of others and for the benefit of all. Self-reliance is providing for the needs of your family and community as much as you can.

Let’s explore how exactly self-reliance makes America strong:

Able to Respond in Times of Need

Responsibility is the ability to respond to the needs of ourselves and others. We should maximize our ability to help others in times of crisis and scarcity by fulfilling our utmost possibility of self-reliance. How can we support others when we can’t support ourselves? Being a functional person/family allows us to support our community and nation.

Resilient to Instability

A nation of self-reliant families, to the extent each is able, creates a strong, resilient country. When there is scarcity in the markets for food, fuel, materials, etc, self-reliant families are less affected. Communities that are less dependent on global markets for their goods will be less impacted by rising costs of living.

Obviously, it's nearly impossible to achieve full self-reliance unless you can produce electricity and fuel on your own, which is very unlikely for most people. However, there is vastly more we can do that is realistic. Start with simple steps like learning a new practical skill, growing a few plants, or investing in a small chicken coop. You'll be amazed how self-reliant you can become with resolve and enthusiasm to DIY.

Rely on Local and American Made

You can actually produce most of the food you need on just a couple of acres with a few years of learning agriculture and husbandry. If you don’t have enough land or any at all, buy from farmers close to you to ensure a local supply of meats and produce. We can establish local and national networks of products, trades, and industries to produce and buy our needs locally or nationally, as this country once did. Those were the days!

It’s clear that globalization has been a disaster for the American worker, now competing with third-world labor prices and cheaply made goods. Let’s bring back American productivity, starting with our own homes and communities, and maximizing our self-reliance! We can help America once again become self-reliant by buying American made products (like our shirts!)

Higher Trust in Each Other

When more people are able to take care of themselves and provide for their families, there is less instability from crime and theft. Self-reliant families are able to help those in need and less will have to resort to thievery in desperation.

Communities of productive, resourceful households build a camaraderie of trust and friendship in voluntarily sharing the fruits of each's labor together in fellowship. Self-reliance obviously won’t eliminate crime or societal strife altogether, but can greatly help the stability and solidarity of our nation. 

Peace of Mind

It’s fairly simple, the less you are reliant on others or the government, the less cause for anxiety you’ll have. It is incredibly valuable to your mental well-being to know you’ll have food regardless of what is on the shelves at Walmart. You will also save significant money in doing your own repairs and maintenance rather than having to hire someone whenever something breaks. Furthermore, being able to help others is a blessing of conscience not to helplessly witness suffering around you.

In conclusion, here are some practical tips for improving your self-reliance:

  • Start a Victory Garden!
  • If you have land, invest in animals like chickens, goats, or cows.
  • Learn some useful skills like carpentry, or basic auto maintenance.
  • Network with your community to know who has skills you don’t have.
  • Start a small business on the side to grow your income.
  • Do your own research. Don’t rely on the TV for knowledge.
  • Homeschool your children if possible.


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