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Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on February 17, 2022

Thank You for Asking!


by Lynette Hoke | Content Marketer | Air Force Veteran


There are plenty of reasons why buying American-Made products makes you a smart and responsible consumer in the USA. The benefits span as wide as eagle’s wings, to include; supporting domestic employment, the manufacturing industry, and beyond. Every choice you make with your hard-earned US dollar has a ripple effect; let’s take a closer look at some of the ways buying American made help local communities not only survive and get by – but THRIVE.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs 

Like a tank firing on target, this impact will be felt for miles - swapping cheaply made overseas products for those made in the USA – will provide jobs!  Outsourcing manufacturing to foreign suppliers has subsequently (and unfortunately) led a poor-quality product and less jobs for you and your American neighbors.

It's up to you and me as consumers to change course and help the country we love find a way back to self-reliance. Choosing products made by American manufacturers makes sure the buck doesn't stop with you.  This puts gainful employment of fellow Americans over your bottom dollar by choosing products made with pride right here in the USA. 

We, as a nation, have become so dependent and reliable on external suppliers, we have stripped ourselves and our communities of thousands of jobs!  It’s time to do whatever we can to reel back in those opportunities - and put the effort, time and money back into our own communities.  Let’s invest in ourselves, and the future for generations to come.

The Environment 

In comparison, American made goods travel a minuscule amount to end up on store shelves or your doorstep.  Shipping products halfway across the world doesn’t do our planet any good.

Product transportation is one of the leading contributors of ocean pollution and air pollution. This means there is less pollution taking place when American made products are consumed by Americans. 

Higher Standards 

The old adage “you get what you pay for”, is not wrong!  American companies are held to higher safety and quality standards they abide by as compared to countries overseas. It's an indisputable fact. Workers are also able to take advantage of employment benefits such as healthcare, vision and dental, disability, pensions, bonuses and more. 

The 100% guaranteed quality of USA made products - reflects quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product. While not discrediting foreign made imported products, there is no guarantee of stringent quality control - as it is when it is American made.

Rallying American Independence

When you seek out American made products, you foster America’s self-independence and create consistent employment opportunities.  By supporting American manufacturing, you are supporting a cleaner environment as manufacturers are held to higher environmental standards than their overseas counterparts. This ensures a better environment for generations to come.


Patriot and American Made Goods

By committing to make our products 100% Made in America, we can make a difference and show what is possible as a nation ~ when we put our heart and soul into our American made philosophy.  We remove our reliability on foreign governments, and hopefully this will result in more companies following suit!

Carrying the ‘American Made’ or ‘Made in America’ label on a product shows pride of ownership of the country where it originated.  The deeper message here is that of Patriot Made. Showing not only the Patriotic pride behind the company, but also the Patriot behind the product.

Being “Patriot Made + American Made” carries such a deep meaning and responsibility not only to those making it but to those wearing it.


More About Proper Patriot

Our mission is to deliver high quality, reasonably priced, Patriotic apparel that you are proud to wear. Backed by our Patriot guarantee, we strive for that you'll always be impressed by our products, our services, our resources, and what we value: family, traditions, and self-reliance!

On behalf of all of us here at Proper Patriot, we are thankful that you order from us and support our lifestyle brand. We are honored that you stand with us in support of "Honoring Our American Spirit"


We thank you for your support!



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