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Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on February 17, 2022

7 Reasons You Should Buy Veteran-Owned Coffee

by Our Proper Patriot Team

Guess what... You asked, We delivered! The launch of our coffee was a massive success! Proper Patriot is proud to provide our coveted patriotic coffee as morning fuel to "Honor Our American Spirit" for those that love our country. Our coffee is roasted right here in the USA by a Veteran family. We greatly appreciate all your support!

Read some compelling reasons to support veteran-owned coffee companies, like us, rather than mega corporations, which may not be that patriotic:

7 Reasons to Buy Veteran Owned Coffee

      1. Quality over Quantity. While the biggest coffee companies choose mass production to fully optimize their profit margins, smaller Veteran owned companies provide high-quality coffee and focus on appealing to those who support our veterans. Get better tasting coffee for a better cause, supporting those who fought for our country!

      2. A New Mission. After leaving the mission-driven life of military service, veterans look for a new commitment to dedicate their life to. Starting a veteran coffee company is not easy, but gratifying work supplying caffeinated fuel to energize our fellow countrymen.

      3. American Roasted. Many veteran-owned companies (like Proper Patriot) roast their coffee in the good ol’ US of A. We’ve written before about the benefits of buying American-made products, and coffee is no different. Let’s support our country’s businesses and keep our hard-earned money in America!

      4. Help Veteran Charities. Veteran-owned companies often use part of their revenue to support charities that help disabled veterans, PTSD recovery, and more virtuous causes assisting those who have fought for America. Learn more about the partners of Proper Patriot here, like the Appalachian Warrior Foundation.

      5. Honor the American Spirit. America was built by patriotic entrepreneurs who had the vision to create something and loved their country. Today’s veterans are no different, wanting to provide great coffee for their fellow patriots and share their love for America. As in our story, Proper Patriot exists to honor the people and things that have given us strength as a nation.

      6. Support American Families. Veteran-owned coffee companies aren’t owned by hedge funds and investment groups. They’re owned by American families who served our great country and simply want to pursue life, liberty, and happiness through honest work and a loving spirit. Buying veteran-owned coffee supports the small businesses that make our country great!

      7. Epic Coffee Names. Veterans can be pretty eccentric people, and their coffee labels follow suit. Where else can you find coffee with names like Patriot’s Choice, American Spirit, Crackling Campfire, and Morning BITE? Veteran-owned coffee companies are not shy about who they are and why would they be? We should all be proud of America and bold in our patriotic spirit!

May God bless the United States of America. We hope you’ll try out some of the brand new coffee launched by Proper Patriot, and let us know what you think! 

We hope you’ll try out some of the brand new coffee launched by Proper Patriot, and let us know what you think!
Veteran-Owned Coffee
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