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Learn more about our coveted strategic partners:


* Appalachian Warrior Foundation

Who is Appalachian Warrior Foundation?

The Appalachian Warrior Foundation is a non-profit that assists our military veterans and related organizations. The Appalachian Warrior Foundation, and Appalchian Warrior, LLC., along with local communities helps support our servicemen and women with educational, employment, and financial opportunities.


* Bellator Recruiting Academy

Bellator Recruiting Academy

Who is Bellator?

Bellator Recruiting Academy is a 501 c3 non-profit based in the State of Virginia dedicated to transforming the lives of veterans by positioning them for careers in the Recruiting Industry.


* Boundary Life Gear

Boundary Life Gear

Who is Boundary Life Gear?

News and gear for the love of camping, hiking and backpacking because that means walking, sitting and sleeping in the great outdoors. A Veteran Owned & Operated company that also provides mentorship to veterans and military families.


* Double Spurs Outfitters

Who is Double Spur Outfitter's?

Double Spur Outfitters are located in Star Tannery, VA who are huge patriot & veteran advocates. They offer a dream hunting experience or fishing experience in your quest for bear, turkey, trout, and whitetail deer. Double Spurs donate all apparel proceeds towards our Patriot's Fishing Retreat on November 11th, Veteran's Day.



* Little Groups of Paratroopers, Inc.

Who is Little Groups of Paratroopers?

Little Groups of Paratroopers, Inc. is committed to strengthening the Airborne Community and making an impact on the lives of those most in need. We accomplish this through our pillars of Camaraderie, Community, Philanthropy, and Partnership while holding true to our Airborne legacy and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


* Summit Maple Farm

Who is Summit Maple Farm?

We are a family run farm, both Full time Army National Guard Soldiers. We have an 800 tap sugarbush on our property and work tirelessly all spring to produce the best tasting maple syrup that we can offer while enhancing the beauty and health of our forest. We hope you enjoy the taste of Vermont. From our family to yours- Mike, Jess and Eira