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Our Team

Justin C. Pearson, Founder & CEO of Proper Patriot
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Justin C. Pearson

20 year Army Veteran, 1SG(R), enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1997 as an Airborne Infantryman. Assigned duties from Fort Bragg, NC to Hawaii and many places in-between. A Bronze Star recipient of Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Justin spent the later part of his military career as a senior manager in Talent Acquisition, leading extremely successful organizations to wide nationwide awards. He was selected for promotion to Sergeant Major before retiring from the Army in 2017.

Since his military transition, Justin has mentored and advocated for thousands of veterans and servicemembers in life after service.


Chief Strategy Officer

K. Pearson


Spender Chernoff, COO of Proper Patriot

Chief Operating Officer

Spencer Chernoff


Chief Security Officer


A strong taste for being on camera and knowing everything that is going on with his coop. 

Chief Morale + Barketing Officers

Hope & Mashed Potato

Hope (a 4lb Yorkie) is here for treats only. You may hear her make sounds during a call, trying to get your attention. She is also not a fan of being on video. 

Mashed Potato (a 115lb Great Pyrenees + Bernese Mountain Dog mix) thinks a productive day is throwing rope and sitting in your lap for cuddles.