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Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on March 15, 2022

What Is A Proper Patriot?

by Our Proper Patriot Team.

What makes a “Proper Patriot,” the namesake of our patriotic apparel brand? In a certain sense, a proper patriot has always been the same, someone who loves their country, people, and traditions. Patriots are willing to defend their homeland against forces that seek its destruction.  But what is required from patriots when their country and traditions have been eroded from within? When the enemy of our country is primarily not a foreign army, but the forsaking of virtues and values that built this once great nation?

Patriots Built the USA

America was built by rugged and resilient patriots. People traveled across the world to come here and build a life for themselves, often times from nothing. Perhaps the spoils of modernity have weakened our work ethic. Today, hardly anyone has the practical hands-on skills of generations past to grow, fix and build basic household necessities. We are also much more unhealthy today. Obesity prevalence is an astonishing 42% as of 2018, with related conditions among the leading causes of preventable death. Unfortunately, we have turned into a generally weak and physically out of shape people.

America used to produce most of its own goods and for the world as well. How often do we see the words "Made in the U.S.A" on the things we buy anymore? America was the manufacturing leader of the world until 2010 and since overtaken by China, which makes much of the stuff we now buy. How can we be a strong and resilient country when relying on others for the products we need?

America had always been known as the “land of the free and home of the brave”, with the Bill of Rights and Constitution as guarantors of our inalienable rights. However, we seem to have been steadily slipping as a free land, no serious person could dispute that. Americans today seem to value convenience and entertainment much more than responsibility and liberty. Luckily, we at least still have a few brave souls left in America, we can see some of them in our first responders and service members who have actually upheld their oaths. Besides those few, is America as a whole still the home of the brave? It may be a hard question to ask ourselves but look at some of the things we as citizens have allowed to happen in our country in recent years.

So, what happened? Most of us can agree that America is no longer what it used to be.

There are many answers and explanations for why our once great country has declined so much, but that's not what this blog is about. What matters most is what we can do about it now.

Our solution? Be a Proper Patriot.

Live by the values and traditions that built our country and can make it great again!

You might find yourself looking around and not liking what you see now. Whether it's the state of our once beautiful cities, the hyper-political polarization, or maybe that institutions or leaders you once trusted no longer have our best interest at heart. Do not fall into despair! 

Despite all of these things each of us can help our country by making the effort to once again be resilient and rugged, hard-working and honorable, to produce beautiful things, to be brave, and defend freedom. We should be builders and growers that raise moral families to ensure the survival of America. Proper patriots today must embody the virtues this country needs to endure and prosper again.

Say it and BE it with us

"I'm a Proper Patriot!"


We hope you’ll try out some of the brand new coffee launched by Proper Patriot, and let us know what you think!

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