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Our Story

A Veteran Owned + Family Operated Patriotic Apparel Company. Honoring Our American Spirit.

Proper Patriot, LLC - 

Founded on September 11, 2019 by US Army Veteran of 20 years, 1SG(R) Justin C. Pearson. His distinct patriotism has been fueled by over 20 years of saluting our beloved American Flag, on thousands of occasions, which instilled pride, brought joy, and shed tears throughout his service. He understands service to country, values, and how to be fiercely patriotic. The central force keeping Justin aligned is his lovely wife. She is his biggest supporter and his voice for reason. They value family, tradition, and self-reliance!


We watched how Patriotism has changed since 2001, we also watched the canyon of divide happen across our nation since then. So, we decided to take action with Patriotic spirit in “Honoring Our American Spirit” and rallying around the positivity of Patriots, First Responders, and our Military … every one of you that serves! Those making a difference in your Hometown, USA and those who love the Great Outdoors.

We exist to honor the people and things that have given us strength as a nation.

- We love our Country.

- We love our American Flag.

- We love the Great Outdoors.

Our vision is simple, to bridge the gap, so that we are one united nation, where everyone is working together to make a better tomorrow. We encourage relationships to develop amongst our Patriots, First Responders, and Military because we all are serving in our own distinct capacities! 

Our biggest commitment this year has been becoming Buy American Made We are excited to share with you that ALL of our manufacturing now happens within the United States; in Hometown, USA!!! We are committed to all products being American made with an emphasis on partnering with Veteran-Owned businesses. 

You don’t have to be a Veteran or First Responder to wear our cutting-edge Proper Patriot apparel, but you do have to be a Patriot and steadfastly value family, tradition, and self-reliance!

Our mission is to deliver high quality, reasonably priced, Patriotic apparel that you are proud to wear. Backed by our Patriot guarantee, we strive for that you'll always be impressed by our products, our services, our resources, and our ability to Merica!

On behalf of all of us here at Proper Patriot, we are thankful that you order from us and support our lifestyle brand. We are honored that you stand with us in support of Honoring Our American Spirit.