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Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on May 09, 2022

Few things truly connect all troops from each era in the military quite like coffee.

All around the world, different organizations use coffee for its health benefits—it helps your body perform better, aids your mind in focusing, and gives you energy. But few are as coffee-loving as our military. Just to prove the point, there’s plenty of veteran-owned coffee on the market. Where’d you think they learned to love coffee? While serving our country! 

The reason is quite obvious: we have what is probably the hardest-working military in the world, with entrance tests that would shame the rest of the world, like Hell Week, and prevalent situations in which the military can’t afford to lose focus, or even to sleep. So coffee becomes their best friend and go-to stamina aid.

In this article we’ll go over why exactly coffee is good for you, why the military uses it so much, and what makes coffee “military grade”. 

Military Benefits of Drinking Coffee

#1: Coffee Boosts Physical Performance 

The main benefit for our military isn’t really staying awake at night or waking up faster in the morning: it’s physical performance. Coffee is the best ally for all soldiers that need to give 110%. 

It has been shown in studies that consumption of coffee, or more specifically caffeine, will boost your physical output by anywhere between 10 to 20 percent. 

This is because coffee makes your heart beat faster, therefore delivering more blood to the muscles. Oxygenated muscles can perform better and do well under stress. 

#2: Coffee Energizes Troops

Late nights for soldiers aren’t as much of a problem if you’ve got a good cup of coffee by your side. 

Coffee will help you stay awake for longer. After you drink a cup of coffee, you will feel its effects in about 20 minutes—from there, you have about one full hour of alertness, where most of the effects of sleep deprivation are mitigated. 

Coffee also has a half-life of about six meaning that, after that initial hour, you will feel its effects for six more hours, although they will be decreased in potency.  

#3:  Coffee Improves Focus

If there is something we know about the military is that they don’t mess around. They don’t screw up—they can’t afford to. To do this, they probably have to operate on a high level of focus all day. That means they can’t let themselves be distracted, lose focus. 

Coffee helps in enhancing your ability to focus. It gives you a sharpness of mind which makes it harder for you to easily be distracted. This, of course, is valuable for anybody, but even more so for those that work in the military, people that know one screw-up can cost lives.

Guess what... You asked, We delivered! The launch of our coffee was a massive success! 

Proper Patriot is proud to provide our coveted patriotic coffee as morning fuel to "Honor Our American Spirit" for those that love our country. Our coffee is roasted right here in the USA by a Veteran family. We greatly appreciate all your support!

What Makes Coffee “Military-Grade”?

The first thing you need to know is that there isn’t one single best coffee for the military. You can’t be drinking, for example, super high-caffeine coffee all the time. It’s not the best course of action and definitely not sustainable, as you can build tolerance. 

There are two different types for different people/situations:

High-caffeine coffee. 

This is the type of coffee that should be able to wake an elephant. It’s the best coffee when you need as much alertness as is possible when you know you can’t even afford to blink during the night. This veteran-owned light roast is a good example.

Low-caffeine coffee.

When you need a steady supply of coffee throughout the day, the most sensible thing to do is to consume low-caffeine coffee. It doesn’t build up your tolerance and keeps you alert throughout the day without the jitters. A veteran-owned dark roast such as this one is a good option.

Summary of Military Coffee

Military-grade coffee: does it exist? Not as a specific product or blend of coffee beans. But there are products that definitely fit the bill, like veteran-owned coffee roasted right here in the USA that suit the tastes and needs of our military and veteran communities. 

Fuel up on what energizes our military and be ready for whatever mission life has for you.

May God bless the United States of America. We hope you’ll try out some of the brand new coffee launched by Proper Patriot, and let us know what you think! 

Veteran-Owned Coffee

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  • I’ve got a story about making “cavalry coffee” from my time as a cab squadron SigO. On one exercise in West Germany, we were getting the TOC set up and a table came out, the Squadron XO’s Coleman Stove went on it, and a coffee pot went on. The SXO looked at the S-2 and I and said, “SigO; S-2; make the coffee.” I looked at the S-2 and asked, “Do we ever want to do this again?” He said, “No.” So, we packed the basket with coffee, way more than what we needed. I moved behind the S-2 so I could jump up and down to get the top of the basket on, there was so much coffee in it. Well, it barely went on. We put it on the burner and promptly forgot it was there. The SXO didn’t. He lets it percolate and pours off the first cup. You could walk across the top of the coffee, there were so many grounds on the top. The SXO then said, “S-2; SigO; never again.” We high-fives each other. The S-3 SGM thought it was pretty funny.

    Posted by Erik Waters | January 11, 2023
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