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Dear VETS2INDUSTY, It's time to expose what ...

Written by Justin Pearson


Posted on February 12, 2021

... sets you apart from other Veteran Support Organizations!


by Justin Pearson | Proper Patriot | Founder & CEO


Well for starters, you have one of the most bad-to-the-bone elite starting squads of 50+ volunteer advocates that any veteran support organization could dream of! They do it because they believe in making a difference. They do it to #payitforward. They do it simply for you!

VETS2INDUSTRY professionals are vetted and dedicated to the success of our military families! If you send them a message, there's a 99% chance you'll even get a response. Wow! Would you look at that!! Go ahead and re-read that sentence!!!

The professionals below are part of the elite, whom I would fully agree with having the associated title of "veteran advocate" or "military spouse advocate." Thank you to each of you, for spending countless hours in support of making a difference in the lives of those that serve(d) or those who support(ed), that's me included!

Each of you, give hope and provide a beacon of light that ALL veterans and military spouses are in search of. Again, Thank You!

If you're still reading this ... this is where I fully expect you to stop what your doing, right now and click on the names of each of these amazing professionals and ensure that you are connected to or following them. It's that important! 


Here are the V2I Advocates associated with the V2I Company LinkedIn page: 

Lawrence Wilde, Army Veteran, Executive Search Recruiter

Brittany Lytle, Veteran Advocate, Crisis Responder

Kenneth Drury, Army Veteran, Strategy & Management Market Leader

Gus Lawson, Navy Veteran, Networking & Change Management Coach

Luis Castillo, Army Veteran, Project Manager & Process Engineer

Justin Duran, Navy Veteran, Operations & Quality Control Professional

Bryan Shue, Army Veteran, Communications Professional & Veteran Advocate

Leslie Coffey, Military Spouse, Transition Director & Career Coach

Ernie Harold, Army Veteran, Home Mortgage Consultant & Veteran Advocate

Eric Horton, Army Veteran, 2019 Top Veteran Leader & Co-Founder#LinkedinMusicCity 

James Sutton, Coast Guard Veteran, Healthcare Financial Professional

Nelson Dominguez, Marine Veteran, Human Resources Leader & Project Manager

Courtney Power, Air Force Veteran, Project Director & Program Manager

Larry Williams, Army Veteran, Talent Acquisition Manager & Veteran Advocate

Kenneth Lewis, Air Force Veteran, Project Manager & Process Engineer

Morgan Leighton, Navy Veteran, Customer Engagement & Experience

Nick Melenka, Air Force Veteran, Operations Manager & Research Analyst

Ciro Stefano, Army Veteran, Financial Services Professional & Veteran Advocate

Matthew Langseth, Army Veteran, Knowledge Manager & Veteran Advocate

Alex Mimms, Air Force Veteran, Leadership Development & Strategy

Chris Dove Jr., Navy Veteran, Military & Veteran Recruiter

Jordan Litsky, Army Veteran, Sales & Recruiting Manager

Bobbi Young, Air Force Veteran, Veteran Owned Marketing & Website Company

Donald Bourne, Air Force Veteran, Operations & Lean Six Six Professional

John King, Marine Veteran, Program Management & Diversity and Inclusion

Shannon Green, Navy Veteran, Human Resources & Sponsorship Coordinator

Dixie Banner, Veteran Advocate, Project Management & Business Administration

Brian Arrington, Air Force Veteran, VETS2INDUSTRY FOUNDER & Financial Leader

Chauntel O., Veteran Advocate, Human Resources Professional

Joan Bourne, Military Spouse, Registered Nurse & Crisis Counselor

Dawn (Chattman) Roby, Air Force Veteran, Diversity & Inclusion, HR Professional

Amanda Quackenbush, Marine Veteran, Human Resources Intern 

Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado, Army Veteran, “GuideOn” the Military Community, Founder/CEO 

Bamidele Odeniyi, Air Force Veteran, Sr Associate, Management Consulting at KPMG

Bennie Anderson, Army Veteran, Senior Sourcing Specialist at Duke Energy Corporation

Carly Bania, Air Force Veteran, Residency Coordinator at Albany Medical Center

Carmen White, Air Force Veteran, Area Manager at Hire Heroes USA

Derelle Dubose, Navy Veteran, QIC Coordinator, Inventory Management at Cardinal Health

Destinee Prete, Army Veteran, We2AreVets 501c3 President/CoFounder, Dept. of State Med Bureau 

Galo Naranjo, Army Veteran, Experienced Data Analytics Professional

Gary Steensgard, Army Veteran, Human Resources Manager, Safety Leader

Jacinta Johnson, Air Force Veteran, Organizational and Professional Development 

Jenifer Orsini, Dependent Child and Mil-Spouse, Staffing Manager at PEAK Technical Staffing USA

John Cash Jr, Air Force Veteran, Sr. VP Marketing, ESPORTS Entertainment Exec, Professor

Jonathan McClellan, Navy Veteran, Supply Chain Operations Manager

Kareem Paschal, Army Veteran, Marketing Analytics Student at NYU

Keith Mack Sr, Army Veteran, Chief Executive Officer at Honoring The Fallen Logistics #HTFL

Ken Vennera, Counselor-Adviser, Business Strategist, Growth Solutions

Keshawn Ballard, Army Veteran, Logistics, Transportation Experience, Minority Veterans of America

Matthew May, Marine Veteran, Business Account Executive at T-Mobile

Nick Mershon, Navy Veteran, Block-chain Solutions, Management Consultant, Copywriter

Patrick Dennis, Army Veteran, Contract and Operations Manager 

Richard Drosin, Army Veteran, Career Coach & Resume Writer, Brand Strategist 

Shane Lobzun, Air Force Veteran, Master Instructor Learning & Development 

Jeremy Burton, Army Veteran, Strategic Planner, Life Cycle Recruiting, Process Improvement

Furthermore, their mission statement: 

PEOPLE FIRST, VETERANS ALWAYS - Providing knowledge, connections, opportunities and, more importantly, HOPE. This is amazingly true and extremely powerful, why? Because each of V2I advocates live it! Reach out to www.VETS2INDUSTRY.COM today!

In December of 2019, VETS2INDUSTRY was officially recognized as a 501c3, non-profit, #84-3849037. This allows for donations and grants to be received now in an official manner which is very exciting for V2I, because this will allow them to properly resource their efforts.



  • I am very proud to be on the Board of Directors for V2I! It’s heartwarming to see such a group of caring individuals truly focused on bettering the lives of veterans!

    Posted by Bryan Ostrowski | April 24, 2021
  • This is awesome! I still remember the day when Brian Arrington asked me if I wanted to be a volunteer! It is always great to be able to #Pay_It_Forward!

    Posted by Matthew Langseth | February 15, 2021
  • Love this!!! I attended my first event in November and have been hooked ever since! Looking forward to seeing you there this Saturday!

    Posted by Cindy Palmer | February 15, 2021
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